It is that the fear of possible failure what we call the driving test nerves. It may be true. But one must learn how to remain calm during these driving tests. Having a fear of failure in tests is more stressful than an actual failure. Coming events cast their shadows before holds perfectly true in the case of driving test nerves. Most learner drivers have this fear hovering on their minds few days before the actual date of the test. To a certain extent it can be said that most of the learner drivers finally clear these tests. Such fears are no different to school or college exams. Remember one thing that you should not take this driving test unless your instructor certifies that you are capable of clearing the test. Don’t let the driving test nerves rule your mind. The learners must take note of one important point that this is not your college exams where it takes a year to reappear if you fail. You can take the test again after few months may be two, four or six. Then why does such nervous tension exist? Is it the fear of failing in the test? Why you allow these driving test nerves to affect your calmness? If you are worried about road safety then be assured that you are driving a vehicle which works on dual control mode. Your examiner will take care of it. These may also be due to the fact what friends and family member will react after they know about failure. There is one more fear about the possible financial loss of fees spent on learning and the price of second test. But why keep fearing of this. You can even develop a positive attitude towards them. This type of anxiety and fear actually activates your mind and develop the adrenaline which in reality keeps you focused during the test. You can defeat these driving test nerves with various methods. If you are an early riser then opt for morning test and if you are a later riser that you can opt for the afternoon test. Be careful to book the this at that time only when you feel you will be totally stress free and can maintain your calm easily. You should make it a point to arrive at the venue at least 15 minutes before the actual test time. Be bold and courageous and kill your driving test nerves by your strong confidence and the positive attitude. You can perform some deep breathing exercises such as inhaling through nose and exhaling through mouth, taking longer time to exhale than to inhale and by reducing the number of breaths in a minute. Be confident! You will definitely pass the test.

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